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Success Stories

Success Stories

Corrective Care:

I moved to ABQ in 2001. I had to leave very good chiropractic care behind in Chicago. I tried several different chiropractors & types of chiropractic, and was miserable for 5 years. Then in early 2006 I started to see Dr. Robinson. He was doing the type of chiropractic I had left behind – CBP and mirror image. Since then, I do have ups and downs but for the most part I am doing much better and for the first time have hope that my alignment will get better. Thanks Dr. R for all your help and encouragement, but mostly for the fact that you listen to what I have to say and treat me with kindness and respect.

Sue C.

Auto Accidents:

“The care I have received as a patient of Dr. Robinson has been far above the average.
I have seen three different chiropractors in the last three years for injuries sustained from two car accidents. The injury is not 100% fixed, however, I have responded well to the treatment I received and have had the most relief in the last three months I have been coming.
I highly recommend Dr. Robinson as I feel he truly cares for his patient’s well being.”

Bernard H.

Shoulder Injuries:

I have always been active in sports and have sustained my share of injuries as a result which accumulated to a painful and debilitating condition called “Frozen Shoulder” in the summer of 2007. I could not play with my kids or do any lifting with my right arm as it would cause excruciating pain. Since late March of 2008 I have been under Dr. Robinson’s care and I have complete range of motion restored to my right arm and no symptoms of that condition have returned. To anyone wondering whether or not Dr. Robinson is able to help you feel less pain, consider my testimony as a reason to proceed and continue with care.

Joe R.


For the last 1 1/2 months I’ve had joint aching and muscle tension in my right arm due to sitting at the computer. My shoulders were sore and tight. After just the first adjustment to my neck, I experienced a release in tension and after the second adjustment to my neck and mid-back, the muscle tension is almost completely gone, and the ache in my elbow is very minimal and decreasing daily. I’ve had more energy since beginning treatment just one week ago, and have been able to swim a few laps in the pool (which I haven’t been able to do for years)!

Karen P.

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