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Corrective Care:

I moved to ABQ in 2001. I had to leave very good chiropractic care behind in Chicago. I tried several different chiropractors & types of chiropractic, and was miserable for 5 years. Then in early 2006 I started to see Dr. Robinson. He was doing the type of chiropractic I had left behind – CBP and mirror image. Since then, I do have ups and downs but for the most part I am doing much better and for the first time have hope that my alignment will get better. Thanks Dr. R for all your help and encouragement, but mostly for the fact that you listen to what I have to say and treat me with kindness and respect.

Sue C.

Auto Accidents:

“The care I have received as a patient of Dr. Robinson has been far above the average.I have seen three different chiropractors in the last three years for injuries sustained from two car accidents. The injury is not 100% fixed, however, I have responded well to the treatment I received and have had the most relief in the last three months I have been coming.

I highly recommend Dr. Robinson as I feel he truly cares for his patient’s well being.”

Bernard H.

Shoulder Injuries:

I have always been active in sports and have sustained my share of injuries as a result which accumulated to a painful and debilitating condition called “Frozen Shoulder” in the summer of 2007. I could not play with my kids or do any lifting with my right arm as it would cause excruciating pain. Since late March of 2008 I have been under Dr. Robinson’s care and I have complete range of motion restored to my right arm and no symptoms of that condition have returned. To anyone wondering whether or not Dr. Robinson is able to help you feel less pain, consider my testimony as a reason to proceed and continue with care.

Joe R.


For the last 1 1/2 months I’ve had joint aching and muscle tension in my right arm due to sitting at the computer. My shoulders were sore and tight. After just the first adjustment to my neck, I experienced a release in tension and after the second adjustment to my neck and mid-back, the muscle tension is almost completely gone, and the ache in my elbow is very minimal and decreasing daily. I’ve had more energy since beginning treatment just one week ago, and have been able to swim a few laps in the pool (which I haven’t been able to do for years)!

Karen P.

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For over 13 years, Dr. Robinson has helped thousands of patients reclaim their health through structural based corrective chiropractic care. Learn more about your Rio Rancho Chiropractor today.

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Dr Robinson and his staff are very personable and give each patient individual attention. I don't particularly care for the 'open area' for treatment -- sort of like cubicles instead of treatment rooms -- but I guess it is more space and time efficient for the doctor, so I can live with it. Chiropractic care keeps me upright and relatively pain-free, so I love it.

Beverly Timmer

So far, this place is amazing. They do a thorough evaluation, including X-rays, before detailing a treatment plan for specific problems or an injury. They take regular insurance but also have a discount for upfront self-pay. Dr. Robertson is kind, efficient and seems to care about my situation. They also provide A LOT of information daily about how diet and exercise can help you regain or improve your health.

Phylis Wright

The office is very clean and Paula was able to schedule me in quickly. Dr. Robinson did a full evaluation and was very thorough in making sure my expectations met what the office could provide. I look forward to working with Dr. Robinson in alleviating some of my pains.

Blair Willett

This was my initial visit and was very impressed. Staff is wonderful and Dr Robinson is extremely nice, knowledgeable and thorough, He asked a lot of questions and took many notes along with Xrays. I am looking forward to my next visit for the results and treatment plan.

linda Nezzer

I just had my first visit with Dr. Robinson and I was thoroughly impressed! I was greeted at the front desk with a cheerful countenance, everything was very professional and Dr. Robinson was great! Will be recommending friends in the future!

Sara Dunn

My husband and I both go to Absolute Chiropractic. For both of us, Dr. Robinson keeps us moving, seriously. My husband had some surgery and ended up with some nerve damage. Dr. Robinson has made the recovery for my husband possible. We highly, highly recommend Absolute Chiropractic.

Susan Rinehart

Dr Robinson has helped our family so much over the years. Most recently my husband was in a car accident and was in so much pain. He had him feeling better in no time! Highly recommend him, and his office staff is amazing!

Kristina Foutz

The staff and Dr Jacob are great!! I went in with a bad back and neck problems ---even after one treatment I felt relief. I had quite a few more treatments after the initial one and I am feeling so much better!! I highly recommend ABSOLUTE CHIROPRACTIC!!!


The staff and the doctor are amazing punctual polite extremely professional I am so grateful I found this place I recommend it to anybody

Gabriel Najar

Awesome place to come. Been coming here for years . Doc has been snap, crackin and poppin me long time and would not let any one else adjust me. Thanks Doc!!

charles Milks

when I first walked in and never have been to a chiropractor before they made me feel at home. Paula is such a nice woman and she makes it feel like home and family. Dr. Jacob Robinson is a awesome guy and he really wants the best for you and he makes you understand what everything is about. I am looking forward to going to my next appointment

Eric Schlotterer

Absolutely fantastic. I've been to other chiropractors and this is definitely the best. Dr. Robinson has fixed me up and I always leave feeling great!

Rebekah Humpton

Absolute Chiropractic is the best that I have ever been to. Other Chiropractors that I've seen have all been helpful, but none are as thorough as Dr. Robinson. He is a gifted practitioner and I am grateful for his care. Miss Paula is a blessing too.


Dr. Robinson always seems to know how to find the exact ouchie spot and fix it. This last visit for pain in my right hip was an example of his expertise. Thank you so much!

Jk Blair

Ive been to several chiropractors in my life and Absolute is by far the best. The staff is beyond helpful great exspearance!!!!

William Coble

He has been my Chiropractor for about 5 years. He cured my lower back pain. I go to him periodically when I over-exert myself at my age (70's), always with good results. He is a thorough, skilled, medical professional, honest and true. I have complete faith in him as my Chiropractor. R. Bela

Rick Bela

Friendly staff. Great results for my back and neck. Dr. Robinson is very helpful and attentive.

Richard Bosch

Fantastic doctor, great staff, always available mon-thurs , except fri, sat, sun. Plan ahead , very helpful, full exam & xrays prior to adjustment.

Ingrid linker

Getting and staying properly aligned significantly adds to my comfort and ability to move any way I need and want to. As I age past 66 (!), I’ve found this kind of monthly maintenance is the best thing I can do for myself. I very strongly recommend Absolute Chiropractic.

Susan Rhein

Dr. Robinson and the team at Absolute Chiropractic are amazing! I have had issues with shoulder for sometime now. Every time I visit him, he puts me right back into place and I feel great. I have been to a few chiropractors in Albuquerque however, Dr. Robinson and his team have been the best!

Nate Jiron

So far so good, just had a consult and initial treatment, the plan they have in place for me looks promising. I will report out again after my 6 week session/evaluation.

Pat Patterson

Dr Robinson is an awesome chiropractor, intuitively guided in providing treatment. He has lots of patience with even the smallest of progress. I am grateful for his help

Janessa Smith

I’ve been a patient of Dr. Robinson for several years now. I refer all of my clients to him. He is THE BEST!

Valerie Walton

Dr Robinson is amazing! I have chronic neck pain related to my profession and he keeps me going strong!

Ryan Savage

Excellent customer service and EXTREMELY THOROUGH! Feel better after about 30 minutes, looking forward to the next visit!

kyle Martinez

Love Dr. Robinson! My children & I have been on maintenance for a few years and I can tell significant decrease in my symptoms. Thank you!

Nina Garde

Warm, welcoming and efficient first time process. Thorough history and exam. And already some relief.

Kathy Kenna

From the moment you walk through the door for the 1st time the staff knows your name and is really pleasant and personable. Dr. Jacob pays you full attention and addresses your needs and concerns. I would definitely recommend absolute chiropractic to anyone. Dr. Jacob knows what he is doing and has helped reduce my pain. Thank you so much. Traditional Dr would just offer you pain killers just to cover up the pain as Dr Jacob offers you an adjustment and to ice for pain management which helps a lot more then any pharmaceutical drug could.

Melissa Marcano

Haven't been here in over 4 years and they still treat me like family. Got an adjustment an I feel like a new person. Thank you for all you do.

James Starr Jr.

I have been adjusted by Dr. Robinson for years now. He accurately diagnosed my issues and now I go in once per month for maintenance. My treatments have made a significant improvement in my overall heath and wellness. Thank you Dr. Robinson and staff!

Eric Ali

Always a pleasure to go to Absolute Chiropractic. Have been going for about three years and Dr. Robinson is very thorough and a very nice man. Paula, Office Manager is so personable and knows all of the clients. She is a gem!!!! Wish I had her when I was working!!!!

Liz Martinez

Thump thump! Oh what a relief it is! Thank you Dr. Robinson. Came in Thursday with pain. Friday I realized it had gone. And dear patient Paula always amenable to my ever changing schedule. Thank YOU.

Marcelle Cady

I've been a patient of Dr. Robinson since 2012. He and his staff are conscientious. He focuses on helping you heal. The best chiropractor l've ever had. Thank you for all you do to make my visit great.

Wendy Cordova

Dr. Robinson is an outstanding professional! Without him I would be walking with a walker. He has given me my freedom to walk independently and I am forever grateful.

Paula is excellent at running the office and keeping up with every aspect of making sure every visit is the best! I can’t imagine where I would be today without Dr. Robinson and Paula.

MM Baca

When I first started going to see Dr. Robinson at Absolute Chiropractic it was my first time ever trying chiropractic care, so If I’m being honest I was skeptical.

I had explored almost every avenue (Massage Therapy, Family Doctor, Lady Doctor, Stretching) to decrease my hip pain & it seemed as if nothing worked. My husband lovelingly peer pressured me into going to the chiropractor & it has changed my life!

After some time & adjustments I feel stronger, my hip pain is pretty much gone & I the difference my body feels overall is dramatic. Not to mention the care at Absolute is EXCELLENT. Dr. Robinson is kind, caring & you can tell he is passionate about his job. Paula is super hard working & makes the flow of the visit feel seamless! Also, she’s just super friendly and makes you smile.

I love how they reach out for feedback & take the extra measures to ensure excellence. 5 Stars all around!

Allie Lindsey

I’ve been a patient for about 3 years.... I credit Dr, Robinson and Paula with starting me on a healthy path that helped me feel better all over. No more back pain, hip or foot pain, or Carpal Tunnel in my wrist. I consider getting my body in allignment as being one of the first steps to taking off 60 lbs over the next 2 years. I appreciate their straightforwardness, friendliness, and simple office procedures.

As an extra note, one day on a visit, Dr. Robinson asked about my teaching and if there was something they could do for our school. At that point we had not gotten school wide Chrome Book carts. I said we were trying to get more Chrome Books in the classrooms. His office donated the next few months of new patient fees to the purchasing of 10 chrome books for Sandia Vista Elementary. A very great office in many ways!

Donna McIntire

Hi there. I am 26 years old male. I am suffering from mid back and lower back pain since almost 2 years from now. I was about 100 Kg. I had all kind of tests including MRI, Xrays and all types of Blood reports, but doctors at UNM hospital were not able to find anything. I was about 95 % disabled and barely able to walk and do routine stuffs. Then I heard about Dr. Jacob Robinson in June 2014.

Dr. Robinson took time to review all my reports and in just 3 visits I was able to walk and do all the routine stuffs. I started going to the Gym and lost 10 Kgs in 9 months. I still keep visiting Dr. Robinson when ever I have any pain and in just couple of visits the pain is gone.

I highly recommend Dr. Robinson, for people with chronic back and neck pain. Also the staff is very friendly and helpful. 5 stars.

Harsh Hariyani

Always helpful, friendly, and concerned for my health and posture. I went in with some minor hip pain, and the Doc found out the cause and now I am pain free. Thanks to Absolute.

Paul Bearce

I'd give you a 10 if there were 10 stars. I always feel better after a visit for an adjustment.

Agnes Urban

Dr. Robinson is awesome

Kristen DeRosier

Can't say yet whether ot will help me, but the folkd there are extremely cordial, & the doctor is very dedicated, plus they are fair-priced.

Nick R

I’m very happy with their service, Paula is so friendly and pleasant. Doc has helped me tremendously and it is so good not to have pain.

I’m very pleased with Absolute chiropractic, Dr. Robinson took my leg and back pain completely away. Paula is the BEST!!

Dr. Robinson seems to know exactly where and why I’m in pain and immediately is able to fix it. Paula is always so sweet and friendly. I really appreciate both of them.

Sheila Castle

Dr. Robinson is fantastic. He was able to help me with a problem with my foot that I didn't think was fixable. I went from limping and constant pain to no pain at all. Being under his care his improved my quality of life tremendously. His office staff is super friendly and helpful, and it's very easy to make appointments. His office is relaxing and I always leave feeling better than I did when I showed up. He listens well and is very knowledgeable. I am so happy I was referred to him by a friend and will continue to refer my friends to see him.

Nichole Christensen

Dr. Robinson is truly gifted! I recommend him to everyone. His methods are amazing. You are not treated with the 'standard' adjustment you may receive elsewhere. He takes the time to tailor a treatment plan designed specifically for your needs.


Absolute Chiropractic done a great job. Not only do they keep me moving, their positive attitude makes me want to do better. Dr. Robinson ever changing adjustments means he is listening and checking progress not just doing the same adjustments every week. Great job, great team. Thank you for continuing to adjust my back for it maximum performance.

Carl Beyer

I am very pleased with the results I have been getting from Dr Robinson's techniques. I have been to Acupuncture, Physical Therapy and to my Primary Care Physician with no results to my neck, arm, shoulder and hand pain. Dr. Robinson has been the only one that has helped me in getting relieve with this issue. I am sooooo thankful that I am now able to sleep through the night for the time in about 3 years. Thank you again Dr. Robinson. In addition his staff is very professional and attentive. Awesome place, I would recommend his practice.


Dr. Robinson will take care of you! He has a record of research based techniques that have proven to be very effective for me and many other patients. Paula, at the front desk, is incredibly efficient, pleasant, and polite. She schedules so well that there is rarely any wait at all. I give the great folks at Absolute Chiropractic in Rio Rancho the highest rating possible.

David Shaffer

Come out feeling better! Appreciate the friendly staff & availability of appointments.

Gaby Jasso

Dr. Robinson at Absolute Chiropractic has been amazing since I started seeing him. I had hurt my back and he fixed me in no time. Then my neck was really bothering me. Again he fixed it also. Now I am on a maintenance program and my body knows when it's time. Thank you to Paula and Dr. Robinson, you both are amazing.

Nancy Buffalow

Dr. Robinson is a miracle worker. Gentle, yet firm with his adjustments and I always leave feeling great. I also learned about the body's alignment and how it can affect your health in the long term. So much wisdom and relief all in one place. If you are in pain, don't hesitate to call Absolute Chiropractic. Your body will thank you.

Beverly Young

Awesome experience at Absolute Chiropractic. Dr. Robinson really works hard to evaluate the problem and then to work hard toward the fix.

David Apodaca

Always a great experience. From the greeting by Paula, to to final adjustment. Would not think of going to anyone else.

James Starr

I have been seeing Dr.Robinson for a total of 7 months now, after getting into a car accident that really screwed up my back and neck. The progress I have made is unbelievable!! Almost 100% pain free! Not only are Dr.R and Paula always professional but kind and compassionate also. If you are looking for a great chiropractic practice look no further!

Barbara Chavez

Great experience so far. I've had some serious issues with my neck for a while. Dr Robinson is great. Efficient office. Quick appointments. Thanks!

Eric Winterton

This is a wonderful practice! Dr Robinson spends as much time with you as you need, to answer questions or explain underlying anatomy. Paula is welcoming and efficient at the front desk. Chiropractic is a great investment in improving and maintaining skeletal health and nerve function, and Absolute is the place to go!

tracy fairchild

All of the staff are wonderful, friendly, and helpful. They are not pushy at all by just trying to sell. They truly care about addressing my pain and comfort and getting me well and pain free. I go as often or as little as I feel like and can afford. They are gentle and effective. I would highly recommend this chiropractor.

Lauren Ratliff

Best chiropractor I have ever seen. I have been getting chiropractic treatment for over 40 years. Very talented.

Jan Pick

I was involved in a serious motor vehicle crash. I began seeing Doctor Jacob Robinson for back, hip and shoulder pain. After my initial six visits my shoulder pain was completely gone. The issues with my hip and back have progressively increased and I have noticed a significant increase in my movement, mobility and comfort. I truly feel it’s because of Doctor Robinson’s care and assistance I have expedited my recovery. Thank you doc.

Joseph Harris

Dr. Robinson is a great chiropractor. He truly cares about his patients. He also continues to go to seminars and find new methods to help his patients. Paula really makes you feel welcomed.

Wendy Franklyn

Dr. Robinson and Paula are like family! Having an adjustment monthly keeps me feeling good, and they both go out of their way to make me feel better. You simply can't go wrong with Absolute Chiropractic!

Viki Harrison

Great service and my health has improved from my visits

JulieAnne Fisher

I had my right knee replaced approximately 5 years ago my right hip replaced in September of 17 and back issues and dr. Jacobs at Absolute Chiropractic has helped me immensely. I would highly recommend his practice!

Samuel Leo

Feeling better thsn i have in years! Never thought it was going to be possible.

Lisa Leiding

Wonderful place.friendly professional environment. Feel better after second day of treatment. Highly recommend..

Jessica Sanchez

Feel much better after my adjustments. Have better mobility. Always look forward to the next visit.

Larry Buffalow

The first time I visited Absolute Chiropractic, I was having problems with my achilles tendon. After a few visits using A.R.T., Dr. Robinson had my achilles totally pain free and I haven't had any trouble since. Recently I returned for another issue regarding my piriformis muscle which had been causing me pain for some time. After just one visit, the pain is gone and it just feels so much better. Dr. Robinson, A.R.T. and his friendly staff are the way to go. Thank you for keeping me up and running!

Teresa Benson

Dr Robinson and Paula are wonderful. They really care about each patient and work hard to improve the lives of those suffering from pain. I highly recommend them.

Harvey David Large

Professional, caring, attentive, attention to detail and very flexible! Just a few words to describe this practice. The staff and doctors are nothing short of excellent, I highly recommend this place to everyone. Dr. R takes x-rays and places you on a wellness plan taylored to each patient. They all know each of their patients on a first name basis and are always friendly and eager to help. If all practices were conducted the way this one is I'd be happy to give them my business.

Mr. Sand

I always appreciate Dr. Robinson's honesty and intuition.

Janessa Smith

This place is great. I've been getting adjusted here recently for some low back pain and I love how much better I feel. The atmosphere is friendly and the whole staff really want you to get better!

Utah Crazy

I first visited Absolute when I had a car accident. The patient care was excellent and really helped the pain subside quickly. I have continued to use Dr. Robinson for continued treatment and it has been great. I have certainly noticed a difference.

They are also amazing at customer service. They took care of all the insurance issues with the car accident and I have not been hampered by any insurance company calling me to collect.

Dr. Robinson and his staff are top notch and I would recommend their Chiropractic and other care to anyone.


I have been seeing Dr. Robinson for the last two years. The new office is great and if I am feeling bad or out of line he always straightens me out!

Michael Schlichte

Still the Best chiropractor in this area.


Highly recommend. Very satisfied.

Patrick DeRosier

Dr. Robinson always puts a smile on my back! And Paula always puts a smile on my face!

Jim Cady

I always get instant relief from tightness and pain after just one adjustment.

Cheree Johnson

Friendly, professional and attentive service.

Ronald Jepsen

Absolute chiropractic has been treating me for years and Dr Robinson helps give me a relief from pain

Rick Case

Great chiropractor and friendly staff

Rachelle Thompson

Dr Robinson and his staff are not only courteous and professional, they feel like family. I went in with a severe headache and migraine issues. Over the course of regular treatments, I am healed! I still go in once a month for "maintenance," and it makes all the difference. I trust Dr Robinson completely and look forward to every visit!

Alice R